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Last updated: Dec21

These terms and conditions apply to all clients for all works carried out by LRMEN Pty Ltd trading as BES Electrical Solutions WA Pty Ltd and referred in this document as BES.

The customer could request works by verbal means, email and purchase order for works to be performed and this forms a contract between the customer and BES.

The Terms and conditions can be accepted by signing and returning a copy of terms and conditions to BES or by email or text confirming the customer has read and agreed to the terms and conditions. This document would be relevant for all future works between the customer and BES.

By accepting the BES terms and conditions the customer is accepting that the customer has the capacity to pay all invoices in full by due date.


  1. All payments for services and materials must be paid in full no later than 14 days of invoice date or progress claim date unless prior arrangements with BES have been arranged.
  2. All overdue accounts will be subject to a 3% per month surcharge per invoice, calculated from due date of invoice till the full payment of invoice amount is received.
  3. In the event where the customers overdue account is referred to a collection agency /or law firm the customer will be liable for costs which would be incurred as if collected in full including legal demand costs. The customer will be liable for recovery costs incurred for dishonoured cheques plus invoice amount.
  4. Should a situation arise with any works performed by BES, the complaint be should made by contacting BES within a maximum of 7 days of invoice date. BES will not be responsible for any third party costs to complete any works
  5. BES may refrain from commencing or continuing work until any outstanding payments are paid in full with no third party cost incurred to BES.
  6. The customer shall not be entitled to retain any part of invoice payment as a way of security.
  7. All Material and parts supplied by BES remain the property of BES until paid in full.
  8. In the event the customer fails to pay for materials and services, BES reserves the right to enter any premises at which the materials are situated to recover materials supplied by BES.
  9. Where excavation work is undertaken by BES it is the responsibility of the customer to locate all underground services. BES will not be responsible for any repairs to these services.
  10. The customer shall ensure that BES personnel will not be exposed to any risk to health or safety when carrying out works on the customer premises.
  11. All work will be carried out during normal working hours (7.30am-5.00pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays) unless otherwise stated. The Customer agrees that should the Customer require the BES to carry out any of the Works outside of the nominated hours, then the Price will be increased to reflect award penalty rates for that part of the Works performed outside of the nominated hours and the Customer shall pay the increased Price to BES.
  12. In case we need materials and the supplier is not open, we will do a temporary job to restore power and make it safe. A further work will be carried out when materials are available.
  13. All care will be taken to clients’ property by BES but BES will not be the responsibility for any damage if clients property is kept in poor condition.

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